This Is My Home

Iím Proud to say that "This is my home",
To live with the people that I've always known,
Here in this place where Iíve always belonged,
I'm proud to say,

Port Kirwan, Newfoundland

                                Welcome Back!

 I recently contacted to see if there was anyway I could reactivate our website that I created for our "Port Kirwan Come Home Year 2010" and to my absolute delight they responded in no time saying they could because of the fact I had created a premium account for the year of 2010 (If I hadn't done that all information would have been deleted after 9 months). I am so trilled that I got to save the memories, it has been so much fun going through the pages.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or even a glass of spirits :-) and sit for a while scrolling trough the memories. I can keep the website up and running as long as I keep it active so I'll be adding some info, pictures, interesting or even funny facts so we can keep this little, beautiful community of ours on the map. It's great to bring the memories of home,into our homes wherever we are in this world!

Sorry, but there are a few things not working right with the site but I will get the bugs out with's a bit dusty after these past 8 years of no use :-) but for now let's enjoy the memories!


                           Welome to port Kiwan!

Port Kiwan is a tiny little fishing community on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland.

  With a little over 60 residents, it is nestled beneath the hills and cooled by the ocean breeze. It is so peaceful and beautiful that it will do your soul good to just drop by for a visit.  You will find the door to any home always opened and a welcome so inviting that you will feel like a part of the community.

You will find Port Kirwan on the Irish loop drive and although it is a little of the beaten path it will be well worth the extra time it takes to get here.  Our community is steeped in history and has some of the most scenic East Coast trails.

Take a tour of our website to find out a little more about our community and if there is something more you would like to know, just drop us an email.

         3rd Annual "Celebrating Our Heritage"Weekend


Mother Nature - ya gotta love her sense of humor!

Saturday, August 6th and Sunday,August 7th, 2011

Click the link below to find out more details!

Summer 2011

 "Port Kirwan Come Home Year 2010" Celebrations

  For two years we planned our come home year and during the summer of 2010 we celebrated in style with our family and friends - it was a fantastic success!

Check out Summer 2010 for more information on "Port Kirwan Come Home Year 2010" 


                         Adding to the pages of our history


Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.

~Henry Van Dyke 

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 A lot of the older picture you will find on this site are from Ed O'Neil's collections.  If you have any questions concerning any of the photographs or would like to know more information please send us a message and it will be forwarded to Ed.


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